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Born on October 9, 2006 in Palma de Mallorca, Marc Vich has lived surrounded by motorcycles practically from this first day and soon found himself fascinated with everything related to the world of two wheels.

From a very young age, he used to say that he wanted to be a Superbike world champion, and it didn't take long for him to grab the handlebars and squeeze the accelerator to the full.

There are few more infallible combinations than talent, work and humility to end up being a great rider. If you already add being sponsored by the EVO Superbike World Champion David Salom, he has everything to fulfill his dreams.

At the age of eight, Marc had already started to compete and fight for victory in the Balearic championship and followed it up with the Rieju cup title. It has been progressively burning stages until making its debut in 2010 in the Spanish Speed Championship. In 2012 he managed to be the Ovahle Cup Champion and in 2013 he already played his first race in the Spanish SSP300 championship.

In 2021 Marc will make his debut in the Yamaha Blue Cru Europe.

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