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DS School of Pilots

Ds Pilots School is an international benchmark dedicated exclusively to the training of pilots in the sport of motorcycling. If you are passionate about motorcycling and you want your child to practice it in a safe and fun way with his companions, do not hesitate to contact us.

With David Salom in charge of the school, he has had experience training pilots since he was just 4 years old. The professional human team. With skidding areas, technification and different circuits.

- Starting a motorcycle
- Initiation to safe motorcycling
- View, analyze and correct errors
- Control Skidding on asphalt
- Racing drills

- Simulator.
- Advice for pilots in competitions.

The training method is designed for pilots to get the most out of it, obtaining good technical training for fast and safe driving. With this method we are training and helping young pilots to achieve their results.

Competitions, we train pilots for any competition in which they want to participate, and we try that this competition is to be able to be with the maximum mechanical equality and that it is really the quality of the pilot that stands out above the mechanical quality.

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